Our Story


Olumide Ojekunle


Beatrice Olufunlola Ark-Majiyagbe

Loving from a distance

     Falling in love before meeting shows proof that indeed your love can be found anywhere. You just have to look for it with the help of God. Never in our lives did we think we would ever be in a long distance relationship having 7,738 miles between us. We didn’t even think it was possible to fall for someone that we haven’t met. Little did we know that our lives would change in July 2015. We coincidentally stumbled upon each other on a social platform without any intention of seeking love. Olumide messaged Funlola in hopes to get to know her better since she seemed friendly and approachable. She responded politely which led to conversations and the beginning of a deeper connection. We had so much in common.

     The chemistry and bond was natural and our feelings grew as we continued to spend time together. Our chats became phone calls, our phone calls became video calls which led to the start of our relationship. We couldn’t stand being apart any longer. In July 2017, Funlola got on a plane to officially start an internship but sincerely went to meet Olumide in Nigeria. Meeting each other for the first time was like heaven on earth. Our communication was smooth and it was easy to display our affections for each other which really took our relationship to the next level. This made us to relate, discuss and show how serious we are in starting our lives with each other.

     Before she went back to America, Olumide took Funlola on a remarkable date, surprising her with a photoshoot, but ended with a proposal. With a huge smile, she said the “magic word” YES!!! We are absolutely looking forward being together forever. We have learned something really important; that God brought us together from the beginning and will always be with us. Without God, all of this wouldn’t have been possible and through him, we are now with each other. We look forward to September 21, 2019 to stand before God and join hands in holy matrimony and begin the rest of our journey as husband and wife.'